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What is PUSA?

The Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) commonly known as Pusa Institute is India's premier national institute for agricultural research, education and extension. Situated in Delhi, it is financed and administered by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). The IARI was responsible for the research leading to the "Green Revolution in India" of the 1970s. The mandate and detailed activities of PUSA can be found at http://www.iari.res.in/

Two day intense training will be provided to all technicians who would be using the kit in Amravati, Maharashtra. This training will ensure that the operator knows how to use the kit, do minor troubleshooting and issue soil health cards. Detailed written manuals and video tutorials will also be shared with the operators.

Soil being bio organic in nature, 100% accuracy is not possible to reach in chemical analysis. However, our kit delivers results accurate up to ± 10 %, the best in our industry compared to other STFR meters.

The reagents have an expiry of six months subject to compliance of storage norms. However it is our estimate, that a well running lab should be able to consume the reagents before the date of expiry. The instruments are guaranteed against manufacturing defects and carry a warranty of 1 years.

Our franchisees will get a full repair and maintenance support. Maintenance will also be taught during the training sessions.

Yes there are certain Government Subsidies under the National Mission For Sustainable Agriculture & other such Schemes. Our discussions are also underway so as to be able to provide it in the near future.

It takes 3-4 Hours for analyzing samples of all the Parameters of One Field. But at the same time one can analyze samples from as many as 60 Fields using the memory feature of the Kit.

Cereal Pulses OilSeeds Fiber Crops Plantation Vegetables Fruits Spices Other Crops
Wheat Gram Soyabean Sunnhemp Arecanut Brinjal Mango Black Pepper Sugarcane
Rice Lentil Mustard/Rapseed Sisal Cashew Tomato Mandarin Orange Cardamon Casava
Maize Mung Groundnut Flax Cocoa Chilli Litchi Cinnamon Potato
Barley Urad Seasum Jute Irrigated Coffee Cabbage Guava Clove Sweet potato
Oat Rajma Linseed Jute Rainfed Coconut Cauliet Jamun Coriander Colocasia
Bajra Moth Sunflower Cotton Rubber Raddish Jackfruit Cumin Yams
Jower Peas Safflower Hybrid Cotton Tea Tunipcar Banana Fennel Opium
Millet Arhar Castor Ramie Oil Plam Onion Sapota Fenugreek Arrow Root
Niger Mesta Garlic Apple Ginger
Beans & Peas Pear Turmeric
Cucurbits StoneFruit
Bhindi Strawberry
Salad crop Plum
Leafy Vegetable Peach
Capsicum Apricot