We already know that soil is home to plants, animals, and humans. It’s underneath our feet, where plants grow, and trees stand to give us shade.

Soil for us though, is merely the ground we step on, the place where animals feed, where we can get our vegetables from and have a nice picnic out on the grass. It is what gives stability to all types of constructions and where little worms make their homes. But to maintain soil health seems a like a useless thing to do when we don’t even know its real importance to our well-being, or at least we’re not aware of it.

Maintaining soil health is paramount to our survival. It allows the soil to serve its key role in our ecosystem and perform its functions in helping sustain life on earth.

But how can we be aware of it if we don’t know the benefits of keeping good soil quality? How can we maintain soil health if we don’t know the reason behind the effort?

To clear all doubts and questions, here we present just ten of the benefits that come out of maintaining soil health:


  1. To start, a healthy soil means more food production. The microorganisms living in the soil turn dead matter and minerals into vital plant nutrients. This way soil can provide us produce, and food for animals to feed themselves which in turn gives us healthy livestock.
  2. Healthy soil can protect us against drought. It absorbs and stores water for whenever there is a dry stint by acting like a reserve.
  3. From the bacteria found in the soil, antibiotics can be developed to help us fight infections.
  4. Soil can function as an incredibly effective water filtration tool, provide erosion control, recharge streams, ponds and groundwater, and is able to provide flood and sedimentation control.
  5. Soil health maintains biodiversity and a good habitat, which includes genetic diversity, reduction of extinction rates and an improved landscape.
  6. Its nutrient recycling capabilities enhances water and air quality, and its storage of Nitrogen and Carbon reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  7. When the soil is nutrient rich and has a strong, stable structure, it prevents dust clouds from forming, and thus decreases erosion and air pollution, providing a cleaner and healthier environment.
  8. By providing physical stability and support, it helps plant growth, gives a foundation for buildings and roads, and protects archaeological sites, many times found underground.
  9. In countries worldwide like China, they make dishes out of soil.
  10.  And in the beauty industry, clay is even used in the production of make-up.


These are more than enough reasons to understand the benefits of maintaining soil health, and why we should learn how to execute it. The soil provides essentials to life that we don’t get to see first-hand, but rather its effects on the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the homes we live in. Soil health is a must for our survival and a key point in providing balance to our already ruptured environment.