With soil health being primordial for crop growth, the main source for food supply, methods in soil management must be up to date to attend the growing demand for its production. Taking care of soil includes knowing what type it is, providing the nutrients it needs, protecting its ecosystem, aiding in its functions for our survival, knowing what crops work best with it and which don’t, etc. Maintaining soil health includes these and many other doings that will promote its wellbeing rather than leave it impotent for its present and future production.

Therefore, the Government of India, under the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, introduced the Soil Health Card as a soil health certificate scheme that registers and reports on soil health across the whole country. This is in benefit to farmers nationwide to know exactly what their crops’ soil is like and what it needs, what it’s good for, how to manage it properly and continuously maintain it.

Now, the benefits for the people who will be using this soil health certificate are directed at maximizing their soil yield. And they are as follows:

  • For starters, knowing your soil type will allow you to choose the best crops that are ideal for cultivating in your soil, and know which are not. You gain better chances this way of reaping a good and abundant harvest by planting crops that benefit from your specific type of soil.
  • The certificate will allow you to know what nutrients your soil lacks, the fertilizers you will need to feed it, and the soil amendments that will improve its structure. This will allow the soil to be in its best health for crop planting and yield improvement.
  •  If the soil goes through any change, say an imbalance in its pH level, its drainage capabilities, any increase or decrease in nutrients, etc., soil reports will keep you up to date on its current state. This way you can be ready to attend whatever changes need to be made to your soil’s benefit, begin planning for future crops and find land possibilities.
  • With the certificate, you can learn new and better soil health management practices and have experts sent by the government help you with them firsthand.
  •  If your soil should have any type of limitations, the certificate will help you find ways to improve it, or at least reap the most from its capacities to gain greater results in the end.

Soil health certificates allow you to be aware of your soil's entire structure and functions. It does the most to let you know what can you do with your soil, how you can improve it, how it functions and how much will it be able to produce for crop growth.

This way the government has taken an important step towards maintaining soil health for both the present and the future of the people. They have provided the basis for any growth: knowledge, and from it we gain what we need to improve the livelihood of the people who depend on good soil health.