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BHUMI PRAYOGSHALA - Mini Kit / Mini Laboratory USING PUSA STFR meter

Advancement of India would not be complete without bringing technical empowerment to the backbone of our economy – Agriculture and the rural masses that make up the bulk of our population. With an additional 2 billion people in the world to feed by 2050, engineering and technological practices are needed more than ever before in the productions of crops.

With this in mind, Techno Surge Industries LLP has spread its wings and licensed the technical knowhow for the PUSA Soil Test Fertilizer Recommendation Meter (STFR) Kit from the INDIAN AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE (IARI), New Delhi and INDIAN COUNCIL OF AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH (ICAR), New Delhi. These institutions are synonymous with advancement in agricultural technologies not only in India but all over the world.

Benefits of Association with Techno Surge Industries LLP

Become a Franchisee

Security and the benefits of being part of a larger organisation

High Quality Products

Our meters and reagents give accurate results everytime

Local Impact on Farming

Potential to make a huge impact on the farm produce

Affordable Pricing

Our soil test kit offers the world's most affordable priced tests

Bhumi Prayogshala – New Age Soil Testing Labs

Smart Soil Testing Labs

Soil Testing is changing the way our agricultural industry looks at nutrient availability within the specific soil types that define each unique cropping system.

The STFR Advantage

STFR provides in-season nutrient monitoring for nutrients that are truly available in soils and provides cutting edge data sets that quantify the effectiveness of good agricultural practices.

Easy to use, yielding quick results

Test your soil in hours and enjoy healthy plants for years! This kit takes the guesswork out of amending your soil for the best possible growth, vigor, and bloom power in plants.


' The best thing for us was that we got the soil test report card the same day. We did not have to travel again from my village to collect the report card.Also, it was very economic for the number of parameters we got.'

Customer farmer, Bhumi Prayogshala, Yavatmal

' I find the STFR kit very easy to operate. The training I got was very detailed. All the required equipment are in the kit and reagents are labeled due to which it becomes very convenient to manage and use even though I'm not from Chemistry background'

Technician, Bhumi Prayogshala,Wardha

' We are using the kit to provide soil health card and fertilizer recommnedation reports at subsidized rates as a CSR initiative to the farmers that purchase fertilizers and micronutrients from us . It validates our advise to them and also helps them make the right decisions. It has also increased our customers by mouth to mouth publicity that we have this facility at our depot. '

Fertilizer Depot, Paratwada.